Open water lake swimming

Wetsuits & kit for new open water swimmers at Denham

Updated: Jun 25

Swim kit

- Goggles. I use Zoggs Predator

- Bright colour swim cap (NO BLACK)

- Ear plugs if you used them in the pool

- Wetsuit, optional

- Swim costume

- Flip flops to walk from car to lake

- Swim towel

- Warm loose fitting clothes for after your swim. Try not have jumpers with zips.

- Dry bag to take wetsuit home after your swim

- An old carpet, bathmat or towel to stand on while getting changed in the car park area.


- The Change rooms will not be in use, so arrive with your swim costumes under clothes

- Changing will be done at the car or on the deck. A poncho or change robe are great for changing.


· You can hire from Denham. The open water wetsuit, 2XU cost £5.00 to “try before you buy”. The surfing wetsuits cost £3.00 to hire. This can be hired on the day (no bookings) and paid for in cash or card.

· You can buy a cheap surf wetsuit from Mountain Warehouse, Sainsbury. They are not ideal but will be good enough for your first season.

· You can hire a wetsuit for the season.

· If you are going to purchase a wetsuit, the triathlon, open water wetsuits are recommended and designed for swimming. Buy a few brands from Wiggle or Proswimwear to try them on at home and return the ones you’re not happy with. CHECK THE RETURN POLICY.

· Please be careful putting the wetsuit on as they can tear very easily. Especially with long nails.

· Make sure you measure yourself and use the brand’s size guide. Each brand sizing is different.

· The wetsuit must feel tight but not so tight you’re so uncomfortable and can't breathe.

· DHB, Zone 3 is a good entry level brand - £120.00. Do keep an eye out as the prices change.

· I have noticed stock is limited at the moment, due to COVID and BREXIT.

Wetsuit brands

- DHB, 2XU, Zone 3, Blueseventy, ORCA, Speedo, Zonda, HUUB

Custom made wetsuits –

Tow floats

Change robes

Dryrobes – definitely not essential but in a few months, you may want one

Smoc Smoc -

Dryrobe -

Charlie Mcleod -

Red -


If you plan on swimming at Denham on a regular basis you will need to get a NOWCA band. No need to have the band for the intro coached session as I will have all your emergency contact details.

The band costs £12.00 for the year. The band is bought online, and you will collect at the lake on your first swim.

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