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Open water lake swimming

Transitioning from swimming in a pool to open water swimming in a lake, river or the sea can be a daunting but absolutely amazing experience but you may not know where to start. That’s where Pool2lake can help you.  Having a positive transition from the pool to the open water will allow you to swim with confidence and your whole open water journey will go from strength to strength.


The introductory sessions prepare you mentally and help you gain confidence to embrace the glorious open water safety.


Open water technique & drills training allows you to understand the open water techniques like sighting, which is how to swim straight, drafting, not being afraid to swim in close proximity to other swimmers and pacing, all are key skills for good open water swimming. Joining the drills squad session will allow you to perfect those skills but also improve your front crawl stroke in a structured lesson.


Feeling swim fit is an amazing feeling and the open water fitness class allows you to increase your stamina and endurance. The session is structured and gives you a balanced workout, you train harder in a group and having the motivation from other swimmers makes you push harder.

If you can swim front crawl you're welcome to join the mixed ability group.

We are a friendly great bunch of swimmers!



pool & open water training

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