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Getting away and doing something different is good for the soul. Penny and I went on a road trip to Llanberis, Northwest Wales before they went into lockdown. The car was rammed with swimming kit, mounds of warm clothes and every type of footwear made to man.

I was meeting Chloe Rafferty from Love Swimrun to have a lesson on everything relating to swimrun. Pool2lake are going to offer swimrun training, which is exciting. You all know my hate for running but I absolutely love the idea and concept of swimming a distance and then running or in my case walking to another location and then hopping back into the water. You can explore amazing locations.

Great in 8 Outdoors, Barrie Johnston will be helping get everyone running fit.

Love Swimrun


Swimming with a full wetsuit, trainers, pull buoy and hand paddles was slightly different. My balance was all over the place and I honestly felt all uncoordinated. Bottom in the air from the pull buoy and buoyancy of the wetsuit. The trainers made my feet heavy and clunky. The correct wetsuit for swimrun is a short sleeved and leg wetsuit.

Chloe and I had a little go at walking along the banks of Llyn Padarn and then some swimming so I could practice the transition which is another whole new experience.

The next day arriving at Llyn Pardan at 7.30am to capture the sunrise was incredible. It just didn’t feel right to get all the neoprene on for the swim, so skins it was.

Penny you captured the mood of the morning just perfectly. Thank you so much for all the gorgeous photos.


Dol Peris.

Lisa from Dol Peris was really helpful in getting us sorted. The self-catering guest house is a 5-minute walk to Llyn Padarn (the lake). Perfect for a pre-morning dip.

Pub for an evening meal

The Heights

Best swim location for Llyn Padarn is Y Glyn, Llanberis, LL55 4EL. If you are unsure the location is opposite the Snowdonia Watersports building.

Things to do.

Walk around the whole of the lake. The views are outstanding.

Visit the National Slate Museum

Quarry Hospital Museum

Walk up Snowdonia and have wild swim dips in the tarns.

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