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Summer solstice

Wild swimming Hertfordshire
Summer Solstice Swim

Never say “no” to adventures, always say “yes” otherwise you’ll lead a dull and boring life. What a great quote from Ian Fleming.

Open water Hertfordshire
Watching the sunrise.

This year is the summer solstice will be happening on Saturday, the 21st of June. And we may have to change the date but for now we need this! The solstice will highlight the official beginning of summer in the northern hemisphere.

So, what actually is the summer solstice?

When the Sun reaches the highest position in the sky and is the day with the longest period of daylight. The summer solstice reminds us there is hope and is a time to celebrate “freedom.”

Pool2lake open water coaching
Pool2lake Swimmers having fun.

Use the solstice as an opportunity to set summer intentions and what better way to do it by dipping your toes into the refreshing water of a river. The immersion of your body into the water will make you squeal with delight. For one we are so lucky to be out and about with family and friends again. We are lucky for our pool2lake team to come together again. No more lockdown!!! Express gratitude for being surrounded by nature, hearing the birds singing, for the start of a new day. We all need this opportunity to reconnect and what better way to do it than with a super duper early wild swim.

So, 2019 was our first summer solstice swim and it was such good fun. You pack your bag the night before to make sure that everything is organised. Anything goes; wetsuits, no wetsuits but we do draw the line at making sure you have your swim costumes. Skinny dipping is on your own time!!! Set the alarm for 4.00am which is a very very early start. Try sleep without worrying you will wake up in time. We all meet at the river and the ones who are used to the early mornings will calm their enthusiasm until the late risers awaken. Wear flower garlands for the celebration or flower swim caps and I will off course I have the dancing ribbons for us all.

Hertfordshire open water coaching
Solstice Swim Fun!!

We swim together, laugh together and just have a really good time. No pressure on huge distances, it’s all out the pure joy of being in the water. Nothing better than being out in the open water as the sun is just about to rise. No open water swim is complete if there is no food involved. Picnic blankets set out and we watch the sunrise with a beautiful home cooked breakfast. Breakfast menus ranged from muesli & yoghurt with flask of tea to freshly caked loaf cakes. We head home and some people went back to sleep but you will leave with a happy heart and big smiles.

Hertfordshire Open Water Swimming
Solstice ribbons

If we wait until we are ready, we will be waiting for the rest of our lives so set an alarm clock early and let’s celebrate the summer solstice.

St Albans Open water swimming
Pool2lake Solstice Swimmers

Herts Open water swim training.
Wild swimming fun

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