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Goggles, leaky goggles

Open water goggles.
Leaky goggles are annoying!!

Let’s talk Goggles with Pool2Lake

Speedo, Zoggs, TYR, Arena, Aqua Sphere, Michael Phelps goggles. The list of brands is endless. Where do you start?

Goggles are the one piece of swim kit you may overlook, but goggles can also be the bane of a swimmer’s life. Having leaky goggles is annoying and frustrating!!! Let’s try get to the bottom of the goggle problem. The fit of your goggles is important, as each face is different in width, length and the size of the eye sockets. There is a lot of trial and error before settling on the right ones for you.

Having goggles that fit, are comfortable and don’t leak are factors that can be controlled and will have a positive impact on your swim, so all you have to think about is swimming in the open water. Not being able to see the buoys or immovable objects clearly when sighting clearly can cause anxiety for some swimmers.

Open water goggles
TYR Polorised Special Op goggles

Pool2Lake Google TIPS

1. Always remember to have the goggles on your skin and not on your skin and cap, as this breaks the goggle seal.

2. Never do a race with brand new goggles having not tested them in the pool beforehand.

3. Nervous about losing goggles during an open water swim? Wear the goggles in between two swim caps. Always have your event cap on the outside.

4. Clean your goggles regularly with baby shampoo and kitchen towel. This will remove the oily layer of make-up and creams from the goggle lens.

5. Store the goggles in a case so they are not sitting in the bottom of your kit bag.

6. You can use pool goggles in the open water.

7. Never have the goggles so tight on your face you have ring marks around your eyes for days. Too tight will also make the seal break.

Pool2Lake recommended googles

- Zoggs Predator

- Aqua Sphere

- TYR special op 3.0 polarised

Different lens

Clear - designed for indoor and outdoor, good for overcast conditions

Lilac - Indoor and outdoor swimming but provide the best contrast for objects against a green/ blue background.

Smoke – Outdoor sunny conditions

Mirrored – Outdoors to reduce brightness and glare.

Zoggs predator goggles
Sighting with goggles that don't leak is essential for the open water.


To test the seal of the goggle put the goggle over your eyes without the strap. Press the goggle onto your eyes and if there is suction it tells that it fits and gives you a good seal. Check the top of your nose and the corner of your eyes for a good seal.

Prescription goggles

The lenses can range from -1.5 to -8.0 dioptre.

Available for both short sighted (myopic) and long sighted (hyperopic) swimmers.

Prescription googles come with optical lenses which are a close match to your exact prescription but will not give you the same level of vision as your glasses.

Aqua Sphere and Head prescription goggles, you can buy different strength lenses depending on your prescription for each eye.

Proswimwear allow you to order a few different frames to try on for size, you then can return what you don’t need for a full refund as long they haven’t been in the water.

No more leaky googles!!!!

*photos Penny Bird and Camera

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