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Pool2lake open water training provides professional swim coaching in the pool and open water. Coaching is available for adults and children in the Hertfordshire area. 


​Swimming in the open water challenges you both mentally and physically. With pool2lake coaching you can achieve your swim goals - whether recreational, wild swimming or competitive swimming like triathlons, swimruns or marathons.

Transitioning from swimming in a pool to open water swimming in a lake, river or the sea can be a daunting but also an exhilarating experience and you may not know where to start. This is where Pool2lake can help you. Having a positive transition from pool swimming to open water swimming is vital for your open water success and will allow your swim journey to grow with confidence. 



I was born in Johannesburg, South Africa but moved to the UK in 2004, wanting an adventure....I certainly got one and still living it! I have always loved swimming and was inspired by friends to do open water swimming. This led me to complete my Swim England Level 2 open water qualifications, in 2016. I then did a further open water qualification with the STA, in May 2019 with Keri-anne Payne, two-time 10-kilometre open water world champion, and an Olympic silver medallist. Increasing my open water coaching knowledge with Keri-anne was valuable and allowed me to gain invaluable knowledge to transfer to my swimmers.


Being selected to attend the 3 day Swim Smooth Coaches Coaching Education Course in Mallorca,

June 2019 was another highlight and I was very honoured to attend. Being surrounded by Paul Newsome, Adam Young and 20 other swim coaches from around the world, who are passionate about swim coaching was exhilarating and a privilege.

Having an efficient front crawl takes time & dedication. 

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The group has been lovely and it’s been great to chat to the others and realise that everyone finds breathing difficult at first!  Some weeks I look at the sheet and think ‘I can’t do that’ but an hour later I’ve done it! Every week I drive home with a huge smile on my face.

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