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Open water lake swimming
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Pool2lake open water training provides professional swim coaching in the pool and open water. Pool coaching is available for adults in the Hertfordshire area and open water coaching is done at Denham Waterski. 


​Swimming in the open water challenges you both mentally and physically. With pool2lake coaching you can achieve your swim goals - whether recreational, wild swimming or competitive swimming like triathlons, swimruns or marathons.

Transitioning from swimming in a pool to open water swimming in a lake, river or the sea can be a daunting but also an exhilarating experience and you may not know where to start. This is where Pool2lake can help you. Having a positive transition from pool swimming to open water swimming is vital for your open water success and will allow your swim journey to grow with confidence. 



I was born in Johannesburg, South Africa but moved to the UK in 2004, wanting an adventure....I certainly got one and still living it! I have always loved swimming and was inspired by friends to do open water swimming. This led me to complete my Swim England Level 2 open water qualifications, in 2016. I then did a further open water qualification with the STA, in May 2019 with Keri-anne Payne, two-time 10-kilometre open water world champion, and an Olympic silver medallist.

Swimming is a passion for me and I love sharing the whole experience with the swimmers.

Having an efficient front crawl takes time & dedication. 

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The group has been lovely and it’s been great to chat to the others and realise that everyone finds breathing difficult at first!  Some weeks I look at the sheet and think ‘I can’t do that’ but an hour later I’ve done it! Every week I drive home with a huge smile on my face.

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