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Open water lake swimming

pool & open water training


What would you like to achieve next season?

Wanting to do a triathlon, open water event or even a wild swim for fun!

Having a goal and a plan to get you there will allow you to achieve.

Not preparing properly before an event, puts pressure on the safety crew which takes safety cover away from the rest of the swimmers.

Mindsets have a big influence over what we see and how we respond. So our mindsets change over time and the right mindset can positively influence our lives and what we want to achieve. Answering the list of questions will allow us to achieve our goal and stay positive.

If you have done an event before make a list of things that went well and those that didn't.

  • I trained for the distance of my event in the pool

  • Corrected my hand entry for a better catch

  • Got in the open water regularly & worked through my fears

  • The sighting clinic I booked on, allowed me to sight better, so less zig zagging

Think about the things that can be improved all the way from training to the actual race.

  • Swimming in a group really freaks me out

  • I swim all over the place, not straight at all

  • Pacing is a disaster. I always start out too quickly and my breathing goes

  • My focus on the drills in the pool is poor

  • My hydration and fuel knowledge for a long swim was poorly researched

  • Never wear new goggles for the first time on race day

Open water goggles.
Leaky goggles are annoying!

What is your action plan? This needs to be specific to you and what you want to achieve.

  • Every time I swim in the open water when training I am discouraged and feel so negative. Any negative thoughts about the open water must be replaced with a positive action, like I am going to swim to the first buoy without stopping.

  • I veer off-course so quickly when swimming outdoors. The positive action will be to practice bilateral breathing in the pool on every even length till I master the technique.

  • I am going to join a swim group which teachers open water techniques and is encouraging.

What are we going to be about the negatives that keep holding us back?

  • What if I get cramp while swimming, it really panics me?

  • What if my goggles fall off when swimming?

  • What if I get bashed at the start of a race?

You need to swap the what if's for a positive. In the open water there are factors you can prepare for and control. The external factors like the weather and water temperature are out of your control.

  • If I get cramp I know what to do because I have experienced it in the pool and know what to do to alleviate the problem in the open water.

  • If my goggles fall off I have breaststroke that I can fall back on. I will wear a double swim cap to prevent them coming off in the beginning of the race.

  • If I get bashed I am fine because I have swum close to other swimmers in the pool where the coach has simulated a mass start. I will make sure I am in the correct place when I start the swim. I am not confident so will be right at the back of the pack.

Winter planning and preparation for the summers open water events is fun!!!

Wild swimming Olney, River Ouse
Open water swimming is a journey!
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